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2021-09-28: Nemo-0.27 is released.

2021-07-30: Nemo-0.26 is released.

2021-07-09: Nemo-0.25 is released.

2021-06-17: Nemo-0.24 is released.

2021-05-06: Nemo-0.23 is released.

2021-03-20: Nemo-0.22 is released.

2021-03-13: Nemo-0.21 is released.

2021-02-11: Nemo-0.20 is released.

2020-12-22: Nemo-0.19 is released.

2020-08-10: Nemo-0.18 is released.

2020-03-02: Nemo-0.17 is released.

2019-12-13: Nemo-0.16 is released.

2019-10-07: Nemo-0.15 is released.

2019-05-27: Nemo-0.14 is released.

2019-03-22: Nemo-0.13 is released.

2019-02-04: Nemo-0.12 is released.

2018-12-14: Nemo-0.11 is released.

2018-09-18: Nemo-0.10 is released.

2018-08-22: Nemo-0.9 is released. This makes Nemo work with julia 1.0.

2018-02-21: Nemo is split into Nemo.jl (wrappers of Flint, Arb and Antic) and AbstractAlgebra.jl (Generics)

2017-12-31: Nemo-0.7.3 is released!

2017-04-13: Nemo-0.6 is released. This adds absolute and relative power series, plus a range of minor fixes and functionality.

2016-07-26: Nemo-0.5 is released. This adds Arb polynomials and matrices, Flint matrices over Q and nullspace over Z using HNF, plus a range of fixes. The abstract type hierarchy has also been redesigned.

2015-12-04: Nemo-0.4 is released. This extends the generic matrix algorithms implemented in Nemo, plus adds a range of minor fixes and functionality.

2015-10-10: SageMathCloud supports Nemo in Jupyter notebooks using the Julia kernel. Thanks to William Stein!

2015-09-25: Nemo-0.3 is released!

2015-09-24: Nemo presented at the German Mathematical Society: here are my slides.

Past news and events

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