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Nemo has been developed since 2014 by a number of people. Initially the library was started by William Hart, Claus Fieker, Fredrik Johansson and Tommy Hofmann.

The authors of Nemo to date:

Many other individuals have contributed patches and bug reports. A non-exhaustive list is as follows:

Albin Ahlback, Alex Best, Carlo Sircana, Peter Luschny, Thomas Breuer, Sachin Mohan, Martin Raum, Avi Kulkarni, cossio, Andreas Steenpas, Johannes Hoffmann, Keno Fischer, Tony Kelman, Timo Kluck, Jeffrey Sarnoff, Elliot Saba, Erec Thorn, Henry Gebhardt, Fredrik Ekre, Samuel Lelievre, Thibaut Cuvelier, Waldir Pimenta, Mose Giordano, Jieao Song, David de Laat, Alex Ghitza, Mason Protter, Josef Gajdusek, Simon Brandhorst, Zlatan Vasovic, Lukas Himbert, ahumenberger.

Citing Nemo

If your research depends on computations done with Nemo, please consider giving us a formal citation:

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If you depend on a specific algorithm, please also consider citing the paper where that algorithm is described (if available).

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